Why Choose PDF Unlocker for Windows?

Are you the unhappy owner of an Adobe Acrobat file that cannot be printed, copied, or modified? Perhaps you have come across a PDF file with a password or some other type of encryption security that prevents you from opening it? Fortunately, our PDF Unlocker utility can save anyone from this frustration. Individuals can download the program to unlock a PDF file and remove PDF restrictions in just a matter of seconds. Evaluation version of this program can be downloaded absolutely free:


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Nothing can be more frustrated than dealing with a locked PDF file. Anyone who has never worked with PDF files that were provided by someone else is no stranger to the difficulty of the task. In fact, there is nothing more aggravating that having to recreate the entire PDF file from scratch because a person is unable to just modify the file that was provided to them.  Fortunately, this PDF unlock tool makes it extremely easy for Windows users to get rid of any and all PDF restrictions. The best part is that this PDF Unlocker program is very user friendly. This means that you do not need advanced computer skills to operate this program and unlock a locked PDF document. See how it works!



remove PDF restrictions with PDF Unlocker


About PDF Password Types

PDF files have slowly become one of the most essential document types for anyone doing any kind of work on the Internet.  Normally, there are two different types of password that one might encounter when dealing with a PDF file. The first type is known as the user password or the document open password. This password is required in order for the individual to open and view the PDF file. The other password type is known as the master password or owner password. This password is a permission password. An individual would need this password in order to make any modify the document, copy the document, or even print the document.

Use our Advanced PDF Unlocker to Remove PDF Password and Restrictions

PDF Unlocker is a PDF password removal program that was specifically designed for Window users. The program was created to help individuals deal with any and all restrictions that have been placed on a PDF file. This can include things such as removing text, adding text, editing text, copying text, as well as any other restrictions. The program is even capable being able to unlock a PDF document that has open/user password with the valid authorized password.

What people really love about this application is that it is a stand-alone program. This means it is not going to require the constant download of plugins, files, and additional programs in order for it to work properly. Being a desktop utility, it allows you to unlock a PDF when you don't have internet access. There’s no reason to spend tons of money on a program like Adobe Acrobat that will unlock a PDF file from restrictions for you, when you can get this PDF Unlocker for Windows in just $20. Not to mention the fact that trial version can be downloaded absolutely free.


Key Features of the PDF Unlocker for Windows

Take a look at the few striking key features that come with this amazing PDF unlock utility:

  • Easy to use application that removes PDF restrictions in just three easy steps.
  • Remove restrictions on editing, printing, copying and revert PDF files to their original state.
  • Unlock PDF documents with 64-bit RC4 (low level security) or 256-bit AES (advanced level security).
  • Can also be used to remove known user passwords from PDF files.
  • Independent utility - Doesn't require Adobe Acrobat installed.
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 both 32 and 64-bit.

This program is ideal for anyone who do not want to spend shedload of money on expensive programs like Adobe Acrobat just to remove PDF password restrictions.

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